Missing my old self.

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Sometimes I miss how I used to be. How I used to love to go outside when it was raining. No matter how hard. Just to feel the raindrops splashing me and making me feel alive. Sometimes I wish I could go back. To the days where I would not only sing but dance to the music. Knowing that I didn’t know how to dance. When I didn’t care if I was loved or not. When loving myself was enough because I only cared about me. But now, here you are. Or at least you were. You came into my life and brought me sunshine and rainbows. You made me forget about my lonely times and made me smile when the clouds were gone. And then you left me. Broken and drained. Unloved and alone, once again. I don’t know how to go back now. So I just dream that sometimes I can. But then I wake up and its all gone and I’m honestly, way too tired to keep on trying. To keep on believing that some day someone will come and save me again. Because I genuinely cannot bare to be saved to be killed again.

©Claudia Hernández

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8 thoughts on “Missing my old self.

  1. It is ironic, when we are younger we aspire to be all grown up and independent that we dont live in the present and when we grow up we miss all the things we could do when we were younger. We want to relive that moment and in that tug of war we still are not living the present.

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