The ghost of depression.

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Something you have to understand is that happiness will come. I promise you, it will come. I know you are tired and drained from all those cliche quotes that go on about how everything happens for a reason. I know that reading this does not make you feel better. 

If anything, it just makes it worst.

You feel like no one gets you. 

No one has that ghost inside them. The uninvited ghost who suddenly appeared to make your life miserably sad. It takes over your body and thoughts – destroying you. It makes your mind want to escape from your own being. It sucks. As simply complicated as that: it sucks. But, I am telling you that ghost will disappear. I don’t know if it came with a purpose or if someone made it appear. I do know though, that behind all that confusion, sadness and madness, happiness will come. Sooner or later, it will come. Because you deserve to have your fucking happy ending too. 

When that time comes I want you to tell this to the next person that the ghost tries to kill. Perhaps, you can kill it first like I hope I did with the ghost inside you right now by giving you what you thought was inexistent. I am giving you hope. With hope everything is possible, even the fading of your unwanted partner – the ghost of depression. 

Hope that someday your happiness will come, even if it only visits you for a couple of minutes. Hope for a reason to smile. Hope to keep on living. Hope for brighter days and a bluer sky. Just, hope. 

But remember: Life will always hurt, because if it doesn’t, it will lose its purpose.

©Claudia Hernández

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70 thoughts on “The ghost of depression.

  1. And it’s intriguing how individualized that ghost is – what is depressing for some, may not be depressing for others and vice versa.

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  2. That ghost often troubles us like the rains before the great bright rainbow!Your life soon will be shining like a cheerful rainbow!:)

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  3. Claudia? You remind me of myself. So glad I read this. Excellent. But? There is even more. Much more. Thus? You have entered into my world. What a miracle. HOPE. Hope is the evidence of things not yet seen. I am now seeing the evidence of those things I had not yet seeing in you. What a miracle you are. I like your post. I like you. 🙂

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      1. So glad for your response. I’m busy like a bee making honey. In the process of editing, formatting the book, plus, tweaking my book blog. Take a spin. I’m including the cover page and description in a new Home page at the moment. Hope it works.
        Your thoughts on the coming Overcoming Dysfunction Supernaturally would be greatly appreciated. 🙂

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      2. Oh i’m so happy for you!! That’s amazing. Keep working hard on it. I just read the description & the cover and I reallyyy like them! All the best wishes for this exciting journey of yours💖


      3. Oh! You are a sweetheart! I needed that! Now I have to write a blurb? haven’t got much of an idea of what that is! lol BUT? Watch me. It’s really cool the way Father is leading me. No two ways about it. He is leading. Thanks so much. –

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  4. Depression may lead to destruction, but this is the very beginning of creation. Ghosts can only haunt our lives temporarily. Nothing on this planet is permanent.

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  5. Amazing! Thank you for sharing, for such caring words, I will hope for the ghost and is disappearance! I will hope for 5,15, or even that minute of happiness, I loved your entry and it’s heart felt wishes…TY..

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  6. Great post! It is full of hope and we need hope. 🙂
    I beg to differ though… happiness doesn’t just come.
    Happiness is a conscious decision. I feel that it’s more difficult for others.
    But I also believe in the saying “fake it til you make it”. We have to train our brain.

    I am a Psych-Mental Health nurse and I have struggled with depression when my mother died. It was almost a year and I couldn’t shake it off no matter how much I tried. I didn’t want to take meds thinking that I can deal with it with prayers plus all the knowledge and experience that I had but we have to know when to seek help — before it’s too late.
    So I finally realized how it was and I used that experience in my practice. I feel that I am a more effective and efficient caregiver because of that experience.

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    1. I’m just trying to motivate people with this post, because when I was in a dark place I would have liked to read something like this!
      I’m very sorry for your loss, Belle Papillon. I’m glad though that nowadays you’re feeling like you stated. Thank you for your thoughtful comment😊

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  7. Thank you writing this. Reading this post meant a lot because its relatable to not just myself but to others as well. But is good to know that we will always have HOPE and because of hope that ghost will disappear soon.

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  8. This has made me feel slightly better. My depression is a dark, soft blanket that tricks me into the comfort of being sad. It tells me that it is my friend and it’s here to stay. But depression lies. It’s so hard and painful but things like this make it a little better.

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  9. Amazing read! Thank you for sharing your experiences, not many people do and it’s incredibly brave of you.

    Our aim at Let The Stigma Slide is to raise awareness and educate society about mental health, especially regarding depression and suicide. We want to show how common mental health conditions are to make people realise there’s nothing so foreign about it, and there’s really nothing to be ashamed of. We want to help abolish the stigma surrounding mental illness to increasingly create conversations around what’s perceived as such a “taboo” topic.

    In a #stigmafreesociety, those who suffer from depression will no longer suffer in silence. Would love your support! Here are links to our Facebook and Twitter.

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  10. I love the metaphor “bluer sky” — reminds me of how the world can look different when you’re depressed. And what’s a blue sky to one, might be a different blue sky to another. But everyone hopes to see their definition of blue.

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  11. Thank you so much for sharing.

    I’m sad a lot. I believe in things that aren’t true a lot. I wish that I wasn’t alive a lot. But these awful feelings have seduced me into a relationship with a mentality that I didn’t ask for…but whether I’m hiding from the world, arguing with the voices in my head, or tearing the skin around my nails apart, I’m living in the moment. I’m living now.

    So I dye my hair lavender. I wear leggings as pants almost every day. I stay up until 3 a.m. on a school night solely for the sake of watching the stars move with the earth’s rotation.

    Keep on fighting The Good Fight. So far, it seems like you’re doing a lovely job.
    Thank you for being so transparent.

    Capturing the Corners

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    1. Wow. You left me speechless. I want to say so many things but don’t seem to find the right words. I can just wish for you to stay strong and please know that I admire you a lot. Thank you so much for being here❤


  12. Amazing how I can connect with you… have you tried supplements? i recommend a lot on my blog.. may help? Depression is hell to live with, and anything helps!


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