Stay you. 

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You’re cool. Yes, you are even if you or your classmates or family think you are not. You are so cool that you are even thinking about how cool you are in the scale between not cool and coolest. 

You feel for others. Even when you have your own problems consuming you, you are always there to listen to others because you feel their suffer, their sorrow, their despair. 

You overdose yourself with overthinking. You could be thinking about your first love and still question every angle of what you did wrong and convince yourself the break up was your fault. 

You read books and articles about life even when your friends tell you that there is no time for reading when you’ve got lots of parties and drama to deal with. You don’t care though, so you roll your eyes, stay home and read, and then you read some more. You get consumed in the words of that new writer you begin to love or in that writer you have read for years and still don’t understand how do they write so well. You learn about aspects of life you never intend to but thank the books for teaching you. 

You are great. 

You are amazing. 

You are everything.

You are so cool. 

I know you want to fit in society’s expectations and even though you don’t need to, you can. Just please don’t stop doing what you love for them. Going to parties and having lots of friends doesn’t make you “cool”. Being who you truly are is what really makes you cool. 

Stay you, because being yourself is the new cool. 

©Claudia Hernández

Instagram: claudiaher98

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