Little thoughts about changing the world. 

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I desire a world that gets better instead of constantly becoming worse. That’s my hope. That’s what gets me up in the morning. That’s my first thought everytime I want to commit a wrong action as little as answering bad to my mum. We can make the world better with our kindness. Be kind or be them. There is no other. We have already reached extremes. So decide wisely. You have the power to change yourself – to change the world. One more person being good and spreading happiness and joy is better in a world where everyone decides to be rude just because.  

©Claudia Hernández

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51 thoughts on “Little thoughts about changing the world. 

      1. Oh I did…So easy to start the day off on the right foot so to say lol..
        I just feel like if that you are always nice to people and I try to say hello to everyone I come across and hold doors or you name it…That others would do the same to you..but they don’t but it won’t stop me from still trying each and every day..
        Huggs back to you …also thank you for the huggs as well…

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      2. thank you..I enjoy it and I oh so know how a smile can go a long helps me if I can help other people all the better…
        yuppers you nailed it!!!!!
        Hugggs ☻♥

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  1. Greaaaat post! I can imagine you have problems going on right now like everyone else, but the fact that you keep on writing posts like this makes you an even greater person that you already are. Keep nailing it!

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    1. Matthieu Ricard is considered by some to be the “Happiest man in the world.” Although this is quite foolish surface level; happiness needs no comparison to other people, it reveres his true wisdom. He has great work. Thanks for sharing Iena. You might like my latest post on following your dreams. I’d love to hear your feedback!


  2. We each change the world one heart at a time, yet that heart is our own heart. Whether we choose to be of the light or of the dark. As we go through our day we affect those we come into contact with and we change folks, one heart at a time, either toward the light within us, or of the darkness within us.

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  3. “One that gets better, instead of getting worse” ABSOLUTELY. Too many people would say that this isn’t possible when we have no control over what happens. When we awaken to the truth that the individual holds the power, is when the tides will turn. Thank you VERY much for this post Claudia, keep it coming. Looking forward to your future work. I would like to share with you and your friends my latest post on how following your heart can change the world. I would love your feedback! Thanks again!

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