Would you? 

image: pinterest
What would you say if i invited you to smile every day?

What would you say if i proposed you to hug someone every day?

What would you say if i dared you to make someone laugh every day?

What would you say if i challenged you to make the world a better place? 

If you’re answer is yes, go change the world. You have the power to love, to be kind and to be good. Stop worrying about everything because everything does happen for a reason. Smile, be happy and spread that happiness. Go make the world a better place. I trust you and I hope you trust yourself too 🙂 

©Claudia Hernández

Instagram: claudiaher98
Facebook: writingclaud

36 thoughts on “Would you? 

  1. Hola Claudia, pues acepto tu reto. En verdad las cosas a que no invitas, con excepción de la última, no son difíciles de hacer. Lo más importante es tener un corazón abierto y liviano. Siempre he creído que la mejor manera de aliviar las enfermidades, pobreza e injustia no es por medio de organizaciones sino hacerlo cara a cara, persona a persona. Gracias, Claudia. Abrazos Richard

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  2. We who love others, always find it to be easy to share enticing smiles, who bring about one in return very easily! Love your heart and your selfless spirit Claudia! Thanks for the smile! And my answer is I would and I try to make as many as I can each to smile!!!! Hugs and blessings! P.S. thanks for visiting!!!

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