Believe them when they show that they don’t care. 

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Why would you not believe someone who is constantly showing you that they don’t care? 

Stop making excuses for them. 

Stop blaming yourself. 

If they did care why would they be showing the opposite in the first place? 

They know their attitude hurts you and hurting people is not love. I know loving someone is not about if the love is returned or not, but stop giving them so much of you if they don’t even appreciate it enough to receive it. 

Love yourself first babe, live for yourself. People will enter and exit your life. Some of them would be temporary and some will stay forever. Appreciate them but do not let them posses your heart. You have a heart as gorgeous as your beauty that wants to keep everyone inside but darling, if they want to go, let them. 

Remember: Let your heart fill with love, but do not let it burst for it. 

©Claudia Hernández, 2017 

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43 thoughts on “Believe them when they show that they don’t care. 

      1. That’s very generous of you to say that….. Thank you so much…. And hope uhh will enjoy my other post too…. Lemme know how’s it…. And i really liked what you have posted….. 😊😊


  1. I’ll share a story some day. It’s written already, and the title will be ‘lonely’. Please look out for it on my blog.

    There is absolutely nothing as devastating as staying with someone who does not show that they care. You loose it all – your feeling of worth, esteem…. You are an emotional wound no one can see is bleeding. Run from that person you want but who does not show that they want you.

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