You were but we never are anymore. 

image: tumblr

You were that beautiful sunset after a summer day. You were that hot chocolate that woke me up even on the most stressful days. You were that smile I needed. You were my fresh air. You were mine. You were. 

College arrived. Jobs applications responded. Popularity increased and affection decreased. 

I know that love was somewhere there, but we are not. We never go out and drink lemonade whilst playing with the cold ice on that shiny day anymore. We never jump high and hug when we are low. We never even have random 3am calls, because of how much we miss each other.

It’s all a mess and I need to start cleaning by letting you go. It’s hard to realize though, that someday last year you were, but nowadays we never are anymore…

©Claudia Hernández 

Instagram: claudiaher98

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41 thoughts on “You were but we never are anymore. 

  1. This is so interesting! Thank you so much! Oh, and by the way, one of my chickens is named Claudia!!!! Good luck on your WordPress journey! 🙂

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      1. Yes it’ll but before that it’s going to make people go through hell! Maybe that’s why the transformation afterwards is beautiful,a whole new person with a whole new perspective! 🙂


  2. This is beautiful and heartbreaking. I hope your pain passes, especially after the year you have said has passed. This is a truly moving piece, even though it is so short, it is breathtakingly powerful.

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