The road to happiness. 

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The road to happiness is conflictive because happiness itself is flawed.

Sometimes it comes as easy as a smile. Other times it comes as difficult as an actual loud laughter. 

What is happiness, really? Everyone seems to seek it but no ones seems to reach it. 

There are happy days, yes. Those days that you wish never ended because you felt full inside. You felt the need to smile and laugh all at once without thinking it twice. 

But there are also sad days. Some of them even come after the happy ones. 

So, when can I say that I have reached happiness? Was it on the ‘good days’, even though I knew tomorrow could be a ‘bad day’? 

Does happiness have an expiration hour? Perhaps it does. Perhaps it doesn’t. 

But something I have learned is that you have to keep on going to the flow of the road, even when there are more red than green lights in the way. Because you can’t decide life. It just happens and you have to keep on going with the hope that whilst you advance the road of life, more doses of happiness will be given. 

©Claudia Hernández

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40 thoughts on “The road to happiness. 

  1. I have found just lately that if I don’t cling to the idea that I need to be happy, that I am just naturally happy. I noticed the other day while I was feeling happy, that I began worrying about becoming sad again and I let go of clinging to the idea of needing to stay happy. Accepting ourselves fully, including however we feel, can make us happy, because we can just be however we are. It’s in thinking that we need to be something different than what we are in this moment that causes more pain.

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  2. that is a lovely post. I love the way your write. I would love to read many of your posts but they aren’t in English. you do have some amazing photographs. Is that you? Thank you for enjoying my blog too. Enjoy the day and have a lovely weekend. cheers ! 🙂

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  3. Happiness is in accepting you…exactly as you are…no worrying, no projecting and no expectations (especially of you).
    But that is our life’s journey, to understand our fears, and in going through the very hard bits to find ourselves, we will finally, in that understanding, love ourselves for exactly who we are. It is in appreciating ourselves BECAUSE of what we have endured that will show us that unconditional love. It is that love because we no longer have conditions on it…we have released all that low self worth, negativity and any other thing that normally hold us back. It is that search for happiness….that final, true acceptance of who we are 🙂

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  4. I believe we decide our happiness. People must awake with a positive attitude and look for the good in the new day. Negative thoughts and actions lead to sadness. I enjoyed your words and thoughts.

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  5. Deep and amazing…I would like to write my version on the topic of happiness and thought that came to my mind when I was reading yours. Allow me to borrow your idea and write what I thought. But I loved your writing.

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