Stand up and fight for yourself even when you’re forced to sit down. 

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Life is like that. People come, people go. People use, people don’t. Some appreciate, some just ignore. Life is like that. People just are or just don’t. 

If you’re a teenager, grown ups will try and undermine you for your youth. If you’re an adult, teenagers will try and demotivate you for your age. Every time it seems people will always try and put you down. The circumstances will be different, the force which they will push you too.

But you, you must stand up. Forget them. Forgive yourself for the times you’ve been one of them. And, most importantly, don’t fucking care about how young or old you are. Stand up – But do it for yourself. Do not, I repeat, do not focus on achieving something just because they told you you couldn’t. Do it for you. You knew you could and if you don’t, you will find that motivation within your own effort to become extraordinary. You do you. You are enough. You only need yourself to be able to stand up and fight – for yourself. 

©Claudia Hernández

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41 thoughts on “Stand up and fight for yourself even when you’re forced to sit down. 

  1. Yeah,it is actually true that we need only ourselves to do what we want.Only if we can finish our emotional dependency on people,we will learn the real meaning of happiness which is just within ourselves.
    Motivational post,thanks for sharing.

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  2. Hey Claudia. No problem at all, I’ve struggled with anxiety stopping me from accepting my sexuality for years. It’s only now that I can look back in retrospect and appreciate that I’d stopped myself from living my life happily. I couldn’t accept myself due to fear of judgement and I should’ve just lived my life for me. 🙂

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