Our flame.

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This flame isn’t shutting down anytime soon. You know this and I do too. But for some nonsense we keep on bending on others. We keep on kissing others. We keep on making promises of forever to people we know can’t replace what we have. There’s no such flame as ours. You always liked fire. And every time we spend time together it grows. Our love ignites it and doesn’t enables it to cool down. So it starts to hurt. It burns so bad. We started to care more about the other and forgot to focus on our goals too. And I know that my goals are yours and that yours are mine. But what if we are a distraction. What if at the end the flame just shuts off. What if we become fire and burn out our lives. We are already to scared to officialize what we have. We convince ourselves we are not meant to be. But that goddamn flame. The flame isn’t stopping. It’s still firing up. And on my very inside, I wish, pray & hope that it never, ever stops. 

©Claudia Hernández

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14 thoughts on “Our flame.

  1. Hi Claudia. You never cease to amaze me, tackling emotional issues that many people 20 years older than you have turned a blinde eye too. Too often, the flames of love burn out, infatuation having been confused with love. And the questions you ask at the end of your post are often overlooked by impetuous “lovers”. As a result, many couple’ s flames do burn out. Love becomes tolerance at best. Attraction becomes avoidance. Matrimonial beds become twin beds for all kinds of reasons that are not the truth.

    If you wan to see everlasting love and what makes it so very special, I recommend the movie Amour by the Austrian Director Michael Haneke: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1602620/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1

    This is a wonderful post.
    Te admiro mucho,

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      1. Thank you so much, Claudia. Una preguntica: Ya dejaste de escribir entradas en español? De hecho, una entrada como esta me parece tan iluminadora que valdría la pena publicarla en los dos idiomas. Sólo es una sugerencia, tu dirás.

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  2. Tienes razón, Claudia. A veces es difícil y hasta imposible traducir un refrán o un chiste de un idioma a otro.

    My grandmother was English and she used to love to tell a subtle Engish joke.
    It seems that an English middle-age couple traveled to Canada to visit a relative’s farm. It was late summer and the English couple were so surprised by the crops that they saw that they said, “There are so many fruits and vegetables here! Won’t you waste some of them because you can’t eat them all. The farmer replied, laughing, “Not at all. We eat what we can and can what we can’t.
    So the English couple went home and the husband decided to tell this story at an English dinner party. He said, “What strange people those Canadians. When they grow much more than they can consume, they eat what they can and the rest they put in glass jars”

    In case you’re not familiar with the usage of “can” in “can what we can”, it means enlatar. Can you ever think of a way to say in Spanish “We eat what we can and can what we can’t” so it would have the same humorous impact. I can’t.

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