Fake friends. 

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Fake friends are everywhere. I promise you that even when you think you see them coming since the first time you meet them; you don’t. They can even twist you on becoming best friends (forever, for life, everlasting & blah blah blah) but that doesn’t work for them. And that won’t work for you either. Best friends are supposed to support each other, to love each other and genuinely care about each other. It can’t be a one-sided thing. You will start to notice that you are the one who always listens. Because your love is unconditional. You are the one who always puts the other person first, even when you know they don’t deserve it sometimes. You are the one who choses not to talk about your problems because your bestie needs to talk about hers. You are what a best friend is supposed to be. She’s just a manipulator. Someone who is used to telling a sad story to everyone just to hook them up with her lies. Someone who every time her best friend (you) needs her, she will prioritize her problems and don’t care about yours. She will never back off for you to have your moments too. She will doubt your intentions, your words, and your actions. Even when you have given her your entire trust. She doesn’t care about your well-being. She doesn’t even ask about stuff that it’s important to you. She just wants you there. She wants the security to have someone there to talk to, to cry on and to help her. But she’s not willing to do anything for the other person in return. A small problem will rise between both of you. Because you’ve had enough of her shit. She will talk to your friends, she will talk to her boyfriend, she will even try to get back to you. But you know she doesn’t mean it. You know she just wants to use you again because she hasn’t found anyone who actually cares about her as you did. She will notice she lost a girl who is the definition of a best friend. It will hurt you. It will fuck with your heart because you did everything for her. But you can’t help a fake heart. You have so much love inside and outside of you that you know you will never be alone. You have people. And lots of them. You just weren’t paying attention. You will soon realize that you have gold friends, just like you. They will show you everything you are supposed to be receiving and not just giving. Because you are not supposed to go cold, for others to stay warm. Stick with them. Live with them. Because a fake person will always stay fake. So you better put yourself first for the first time, and choose to be happy and free without someone who is constantly incarcerating you and bringing you down. Even if it hurts.

©Claudia Hernández

Instagram: claudiaher98

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50 thoughts on “Fake friends. 

  1. You had to suffer to write this, i feel it and i know it. Sometimes pain brings the best art and i’m sure that this will help lots of people (teenagers especially). I’m so proud of you Clau. Te quiero mucho ❤

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  2. Tu instagram story me mandó jaja. que buen escrito claudia! la parte en la que hablas de no tener que tener frio para que otros esten calientes es mi parte favorita!ya me suscribi!

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  3. Me contaron sobre la situación y no podía creerlo clau. Me encanta tenerte y saber que tu si eres una buenisima amiga siempre. Te mando un abrazote, miss you!!

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  4. That comment above of your gold friend represents exactly what everyone needs in a friendship. I get you Claudia. And I can also feel the pain you had when you wrote this. It’s absolutely beautiful. Pure art.

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  5. I can relate. It was a long, hard, painful lesson and journey, as you well know it seems, but important. I now know who’s a gold friend and I’m ever grateful for the knowledge. Thank you for reminding me of the importance of this. I never want to take a gold friend for granted.

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  6. No se nada del tema pero con solo leer esto me puedo imaginar de quien hablas. Hiciste bien alejandote, no vale la pena personas asi. Ojala estes bien. Un abrazo.

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  7. “She’s just a manipulator. Someone who is used to telling a sad story to everyone just to hook them up with her lies.” La define demasiado LOL amo esto clau!!!! you the best 💘

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