Why not? 

image: pinterest
Smile and show your teeth even if they’re crooked. Laugh and shine with that soul that wishes to brighten many lives, including yours. 

Dance and twist your hips without worrying how your moves look. You’re weird, we all are, why care? 

Cry and ugly cry too. Sometimes you need that release off your body to be able to heal again. It is okay. 

Live and let live without letting go from the people you love. If they love you they will accept your life journey, that’s it. It is acceptable to leave the ones who restrict your path of living. 

Why not stop asking reasons to answer questions that perhaps are better left unanswered? Just do whatever you want, whatever makes you happy. 

Smile, dance, cry; live
©Claudia Hernández

Instagram: claudiaher98

Facebook: writingclaud

16 thoughts on “Why not? 

  1. I’ve followed you on instagram for awhile now and i love your photos. today i noticed you shared a link in your bio of your blog. first of all, you write beautifully. second, you keep impressing me with your talent. third, i hope you know that the art you are creating will help lots of people around the world and you should be proud of that. new suscriber here 🙂 x

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    1. Damn, you just made me tear up. Thank you so so so much!!!! You have no idea how much this means to me. I don’t know who you are but I hope someday you will let me know so i can (maybe) follow you back haha 😉


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