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He was the goal and I was the goalkeeper. He practiced and sweat every single day in the training sessions the school gave. He only wanted to score a goal to make everyone proud. But then he saw me. He saw how much I needed for him to not score and take more time. How I needed to keep on practicing. How I wasn’t new at love but I was never good either because I haven’t trained for it. He already went through the phases of loving himself and of knowing how to flirt with another human being. I haven’t. I was scared and hurt from the past. But I saw him too. With reassurance reflecting from his eyes. I had never met a guy who just by connecting his eyes with mine had the power to let me know how much he really cares. So I let him score. He scored the goal to my heart. And I didn’t keep it from coming in. I let him in because I wanted to. He scored his goal and I scored mine. My goal was to stop being scared of love. His goal was making a woman the happiest. We both are getting married today. And my love story will forever be kept as a goal for my kids to strive for. 

©Claudia Hernández

Instagram: @claudiaher98

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