The relief of going back home…

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This one is for everyone that has left their country and can finally go back to visit. I can happily say I’m going through this right now and I’m so grateful. 

The relief of coming back. Of knowing that you left for a better life but no one will ever take from you the nostalgia of your home. No one will ever make you miss your country less. It’s yours. You were born in it and you’ll die with it in your heart and memories too. And now you’re back. Time to visit your friends and family. Time to have the vacation you deserve. Enjoy your time. Appreciate it. You are back now and not all of the people who left can say that. You are one of the privileged. So hug your loved ones tight; very tight. Tell them everything that has happened in your life these past few weeks, months, years. The good and the bad. Tell them how much you’ve missed them every day. How much you’ve needed them sometimes but you managed to solve your problems on your own. Tell them how you are now more independent and mature. Show them that leaving was worth it. They want to hear it. And then listen carefully to their life too. Thank them for keeping you in their mind and heart, always. Thank them for helping create the person you are today. Thank them for loving you so much that they give you a reason to miss your country so much. Have more fun moments with them after that. Anecdotes that you can cherish and think about in the future. Memories that will not only survive in photographs but in how people remember you too. And when you have to leave again, just remember, your country will forever be your country. Because even when you leave, you’re still there. 

©Claudia Hernández

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