Losing her for fear. 

image: pinterest

When the time comes you will miss her scent, her love, her voice. You will look at yourself and ask why. How could you let that woman go? Why would you push her away even when she tried so hard to stay? You will want to cross every road, every ocean, every cloud. But it’s too late now. You never said i love you and blamed it all on fear. You never fought for her and victimize your heart by convincing it that she couldn’t possibly love you back. You allowed your thoughts to consume you and your actions to vanish away. You now want her back but, now she’s gone and having a better life with a better man. A man who didn’t let himself worry too much. A man who didn’t just focused in the moment but focused on her. You will look at yourself and the only answer you will have is: i am, once again, too late.

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26 thoughts on “Losing her for fear. 

  1. Ha! Thank you, I didn’t even need this heart of mine that just broke after reading…

    For real though, it was… a message I can relate to, in a certain way. Painful but clear, a necessary read for all of those who have let fear drive their lives in one or multiple moments.

    Thank you for sharing~

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