Let go when falling in love. 

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I don’t want you to fall in love with my body or with my eyes. I want you to fall in love with my soul – with who I really am. I want you to look at me and see happiness; not only lust. To know how my love is unconditional and then assure that yours is too. 

I don’t want you to roll your eyes every time we discuss. I want you to look me in the eyes and be honest with me about what we agree, and on what we do not. I will always be open to listen and understand, even if we both know that I can be very stubborn sometimes. 

I promise I will listen to what you want too. I promise I will try to make it better, but we both need to be willing to compromise. 

I don’t want you to hold back your love in case it doesn’t work out. I’m scared of falling too – we are in this together. So, hug me, kiss me, cuddle me. Stay certain that I will always demonstrate my affection to you, because that is the type of person that I am when I’m with you: a hugger, a kisser, a cuddler. 

Don’t be afraid to let go. Why control emotions when love exists when they mis control? That’s the exciting part of it. Just let go. 

©Claudia Hernández, 2017 

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49 thoughts on “Let go when falling in love. 

  1. Everything you write relates to me at the time you publish it, it’s amazing. That’s one of the reasons I suscribed by email hahah loooove your writings!!!
    Happy Friday!

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  2. Very beautifully written… Every word evokes the truth of understanding each other and true love. The thoughts within when someone is in love with another,are the same as you have portrayed in this article.
    I love.. your post so much… Keep writing, looking forward to see you write more amazing articles. 😀👍👌

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  3. The advices you give us are so intelligent…can’t believe you’re only 18. You are a smart woman Claud. You have an extraordinary future ahead!

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  4. Hi Claudia! I really admire the way you note the difference between lust and love. I especially like how you describe that someone who only wants you for how you look will become bored when you start to talk about things in life that are important to you. Those “rolling eyes” can hurt so much when you are opening your heart to someone who doesn’t care enough.

    Have a wonderful week, Claud.

    Hugs, Rich

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  5. “I don’t want you to fall in love with my body or with my eyes. I want you to fall in love with my soul – with who I really am.”
    I really love this post and I feel like this. Thanks for writing ❤

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  6. You are seriously an angel. Lovely writing, lovely thoughts, lovely lady. Believe me when i assure you that people will look up to you Claud. You are so talented. You will deserve every single good thing coming your way.

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  7. You’re writing is always so raw and heartfelt. And it usually only takes one sentence of any of your pieces to give my skin goosebumps! If this piece was a real person, I think I would fall in love with them in a heartbeat.

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      1. One question…It’s obvious you’re bilingual. Are you the same writer in English as you are Spanish or do you find yourself expressing yourself in different way and adopting unique styles for each?

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  8. I think that all anyone really wants and needs is someone who loves them for them and will be there with them…even when they are not. ❤

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