I’m a mess of unfinished thoughts…

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I’m a mess of unfinished thoughts. 

My mind is the soundtrack that only the broken ones like. A playlist that is nothing but loud and messy. 

Is this push and pull of thoughts that end up stuck together and never seem to be free. Being organized is my mind’s worst flaw. 

I have scars that you can’t see. Hurt that I don’t even apprehend. And a brain full of confusion accompanied by dizziness that is consuming my youth. 

©Claudia Hernández

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42 thoughts on “I’m a mess of unfinished thoughts…

  1. Claudia, continue what you are doing. Will return again. Your work is pretty ambitious. You show good control of themes. Forgive if I sound like a critic, it’s not that, it’s that I like to encourage. But really I wish to return and see where this talent, and need goes.

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  2. I can identify a lot with this. Thank you so much for sharing this and showing that I am not alone. Your writing is absolutely amazing!

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  3. Amazing. well crafted. my favorite lines “My mind is the soundtrack that only the broken ones like. A playlist that is nothing but loud and messy.”

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  4. As your mind tugs and my mind pulls, we uncover tapestry that the Demon holds. I would rise but fall again. I would climb and sail no more. Monsters and Beasties tear through us whole. Pieces. Ashes. Dust. We are not. Anymore. But Death comforts us from our fears. Because after dying, we rise like eagles with new years.

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  5. Claudia, I love your Expression, but just a suggestion, try pushing towards positivity as it has greater magnetic appeal and is constructive! Let me know if I can help!


    1. Hi Alka! This was written when I was in a really dark place and I believe that writing about it can make some people feel identified & not alone. I am sure though, that I will have more happy moments in my life which I will also use to write positive things😊


  6. This happens with me all the time…and what is even worse is that I can never tell anybody about what my feelings are coz then they’ll start telling me how I’m supposed to be feeling….. 😭

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